Robbie Lawler Top 5 Knockouts

Watch the top five knockouts from the former UFC welterweight champion, "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler.

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Full Name: Robbie Lawler
Nickname: Ruthless
Country: USA
Date of birth: 1982-03-20
Height: 180 cm
Weight category: Welterweight
Record: 29-13 (1)

It would seem that everyone has already written off Lawler, but he decides to restart his career, for which he makes two key changes - he changes his camp to the American Top Team and goes into welterweight.
After almost 10 years, the “prodigal son” returns to the UFC, where Josh Koschek effectively “moves” in his debut match. After two more bouts, Robbie is scheduled to fight for the vacant welterweight title, which was freed by Georges St. Pierre.

In one of the best and most dramatic fights in the history of the promotion, Lawler is inferior to Joni Hendricks, but after only 9 months in a crazy revenge, Robbie finally reaches her goal and brings her team the first UFC belt in the history of its existence.
It is worth noting that absolutely all fights involving Robbie turn for his opponents into a "bloody hell". Not a single opponent has recently left the cage after a fight with Lawler with a “clean face” (most came out without a face at all), as it was repeatedly during the “reign” of Saint-Pierre.
His explosive manner and great power in his hands are a constant threat to his opponents, and a branded crazy smile after receiving another "slap in the face" can penetrate the head of even the most psychologically stable opponents.

Titles and awards:

  • EliteXC Middleweight Champion
  • ICON Sport Middleweight Champion
  • Superbrawl Middleweight Champion
  • UFC Welterweight Champion
  • 2010 - “The Best Knockout of the Year”
  • 2013 - Breakthrough of the Year
  • 2014, 2015, 2016 - “The best fight of the year”
  • 2014 - "The best fighter of the year"
  • 2015 - “The best fight of the month”


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