My training is 79 years old

Grandpa will be 80 years old in the summer!
And now he is a member of @Actifit.
And also participates with me in the competition @nathanmars #SEVEN77 - His Twitter @NathanMars7

Grandfather always led an active lifestyle and never drank alcohol.
Every morning, he eats 50 grams of brazil nut - says that, it helps him to normalize blood sugar levels.
I told him that I had already posted the video from his training - he is very glad that there is such a community of people who are aimed at a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

There is tremendous energy in each of us - we just need to let it out.
Laziness is the main problem of modern people.
Do simple exercises anywhere - set yourself a goal!
I think that grandpa will be a great example for you.

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